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The producer behind countless hits and multi-platinum selling records: Meet Jeff Bova!

02 Feb 2015

Interview kind: audio

Jeff began his amazing career playing trumpet in school and keyboards in bands, showing immediately a great talent and passion for music production and composition.
We asked Jeff to tell us about his amazing collaboration with the incomparable Herbie Hancock and his beginnings as session musician.
Jeff also shared with us his experience working in one of the most famous recording studios in the world: Avatar Studios, formerly the Power Station in New York. After the NY experience Jeff decided to move his operations to the Lot Studio in Los Angeles and rebaptized it “Bova Land”.
We could not resist to ask Jeff to tell about his Grammy Award winning experience with Celine Dion and how it was producing the song “Call the man”.
Enjoy Jeff Bova’s interview and connect with him here on Bantamu!
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