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Great tips from one of the best British mixing engineer: Meet Andy Bradfield!

01 Sep 2014

Interview kind: audio

Andy grew up in Essex where he became aware of his passion for recording and mixing. He soon moved to London where he started his career as an audio engineer and became resident engineer at the Olympic Recording Studios.
We asked him to tell us about his works side by side with some of the top-tier producers and international artists such as Elbow and Rufus Wainwright.
Andy Bradfield is also well known for his craft as a mixing engineer for video games and soundtracks. We discussed about his approach in mixing audio for video and how it differs from mixing music albums.
At the end of the interview Andy revealed us some of the common mistakes that he notices when receives projects to mix and he shared with us his great advices for all of the aspiring audio engineers and music producers.
Enjoy Andy Bradfield’s interiew and connect with him here at Bantamu!
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