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The italian taste of a multi platinum award winning audio engineer: Meet Irko!

01 Jul 2014

Interview kind: audio

We started this informative interview talking about Irko's early days as a music producer in northern Italy.
Irko told us how he became an audio engineer and how he succeeded in working with the greatest hip hop artists such as Jay Z. Thanks to this, he also won a multi platinum award for the album “Kingdome Come”.
When you are dealing with a mixdown it is always a matter of balance and precision. Irko knows exactly how to stay focused on the song and he wanted to share some of his tricks of the trade with us. We discussed his own recording studio located in Italy called StudioBeat2 and how it developed.
Irko also had some good advice for all those aspiring audio engineers who want to move to the United States to find work.
Enjoy Irko’s interview and connect with him here on Bantamu!
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