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The amazing stories of a multiple Grammy winning producer: Meet Steve Thompson!

05 Jun 2014

Interview kind: audio

During this episode of MeetThePros we discussed Steve Thompson's early days as a DJ and music producer in New York.
The attention to detail and his golden ears allowed Steve to work with some of the most talented artists and bands in music history. We talked about his historic collaboration with Yoko Ono during the production of John Lennon's album “Milk and Honey”.
It’s fascinating to hear Steve explain how he got involved in the making of “Appetite for Destruction” by one of the greatest rock bands ever: Guns N’ Roses. Steve shared some of the highlights during the mixdown of that album , revealing what it was like to work with such an incredible band.
Discover Steve's thoughts about the transition from analogue to digital techniques and his approach to producing hit records!
Enjoy Steve Thompson’s interview and connect with him here on Bantamu.
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