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The pure quality of audio engineering and music production: Meet Marc Urselli!

25 Feb 2016

Interview kind: audio

Marc told us about his early days as an engineer when he used to live in southern Italy. He started out recording his band rehearsals and building up a small studio.
After high school he took it up seriously and he turned his parents' basement into a real recording studio but after a short period he decided to move to New York where his career really began to take-off.
We talked with Marc about his first major work  with Luther Vandross, his Grammy Awards with Les Paul and all the magic moments during studio sessions with Lou Reed.
Marc Urselli is also an acclaimed live engineer so we asked him to share some of his stories about life on tour with Lou Reed, Mike Patton and avant-garde music artist John Zorn.
All the audio engineers on BantaMu will be eager to hear Marc’s tips on how to get a great drum sound and his favourite recording techniques.
Last but not least, we talked about the future of the music industry and why networking is so important… 
Enjoy Marc Urselli's interview and connect with him here on Bantamu!
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