How it works

How it works 1

Here’s how Canova used Bantamu to produce their first album (and signed with a Major Label)

This is Matteo…

He’s the lead singer and guitar player with Canova, an alternative pop band from northern Italy.

In 2016 they wrote 9 beautiful songs and started looking for someone who could produce their music: that’s when they discovered Bantamu.
They wanted to find the right professionals who could understand their sound and handle their project in the best possible way!

This is what happened:

How it works 2

Let’s get started…

How it works 3

First things first: Matteo decided to start a project and selected what they were looking for and the number of songs they wanted to work on

How it works 4

After that, he followed a few simple steps, starting from the project’s location

How it works 5

The third step dug deep into Canova’s new-born music project; in fact, Matteo was asked to write 3 of the top influential artists/bands that represent their sound and what they’re aiming at.

This is a crucial point, since these details are then going to be used to effectively match their band’s profile with our top verified professionals registered on Bantamu.

Matteo and his band had a clear vision of the sound they were looking for:

How it works 6

With a few clicks he then selected the music genres that are closer to what they play. It’s hard to find a single music style, so, like many other artists, he choose different genres that merge into their unique sound.

How it works 7

We all know that budget can be a sensitive issue when dealing with a new music production, but let’s be honest… if you meet the right professional, who understands what you do and falls in love with your music, budget is the last thing you’re gonna talk about.
You’ll have time to find the best solution that works fine on both sides later on.

Matteo and his band Canova had already planned how much they wanted to invest in this project and they specified it during the fifth step on Bantamu

How it works 8

The last thing he had to do was simply sign up for free on Bantamu and wait for their project to be matched with the perfect professionals!

The magic of
the matching…

To get a better matching, Matteo was asked to automatically import his favorite artists from Facebook and Spotify… By doing so, all of his musical tastes will be included in the matchmaking algorithm and compared with the ones of the verified professionals on Bantamu.

Just with one click! Cool, ain’t it? :)

Once inside his private dashboard, all Matteo needed to do was to select their deadline (when they wanted their project to be completed) and the name of their band: Canova

How it works 9

This section also allows you to add the link to your website and upload a demo of one of your songs

The selected producers will be able to listen to their songs and get any idea of what needs to be done.

Just one final click on the Start button and the project was good to go!

Finding the right pros…

How it works 11

Before connecting with the matched professionals, Matteo was contacted by one of our Artists Assistant at Bantamu who is here to give a complete and 24/7 support to Matteo and his band!

Here’s Thomas, Artists Assistant at Bantamu

Everything looked great and Matteo and his band Canova were matched with the perfect Producers and Audio Engineers for their music project.

In less than 24h Matteo started receiving the first introduction messages from the matched pros

The verified pros
on Bantamu…

Every Music Producer, Recording Studio, Mixing & Mastering Engineer proposed through Bantamu has been individually selected and verified by our Professionals Assistants.

Any music professional looking forward to join the Bantamu database needs to sign up (for free…no paid subscription) and apply to work on projects in the specific section.

This makes sure that all of the projects get matched only with verified and credited pros from all over the world!

Depending on the type of the project, the artists who choose Bantamu for their productions can be matched either with the Top Junior Pros (young and talented professionals with solid experiences in the music industry and verified credits with independent and major artists) or the Top Senior Pros (including Grammy Award Winning producers and engineers with many years of experience and verified mainstream artists credits).

Quality is what really matters and every artist who uses Bantamu deserves the best!

How it works 13

Canova’s project…

How it works 14

At this stage, Matteo was chatting with the matched professionals while looking at their portfolio, filled with credits and experiences!

All the matched pros were enthusiast about the project and Matteo and his band just had to choose the ones they wanted to collaborate with!

After a week they decided to work with Jack for the Production and the Recording, and with Cantaloop for the final Mixing.

Matteo and Canova have finally found the perfect team to work with and produce their new album!

Confirm the pros…

Setting all the agreements was super easy and Matteo received all the terms of work directly from the 2 pros.

To confirm the matching, he just had to accept the agreements and securely pay via PayPal an advance to the pros in the dedicated section of his dashboard.

How it works 15

During the next couple of days the production of Canova’s new album was set to go and they entered the studio together with their brand-new producer Jack.

How it works 17

A few months later…

The album was happily recorded and produced in the Recording Studio that Jack used to make his production, and the sound was awesome!

Matteo was then able to send the recorded songs to Cantaloop in order for him to mix them and get the best out of their production

Needless to say that the results were amazing and the band was really happy with the final sound of their new album They made an official videoclip for the single and their fan-base started growing

Signin with their Label
and Publisher…

Canova is a talented band! They compose amazing songs and their live concerts are a burst of energy.
They just needed to find the right team to collaborate with and start their artistic path… They found this team on Bantamu!

Thanks to their talent, the dedication to details and the accurate production, they were able to sign a record deal with an Independent Music Label Maciste Dischi and a further Publishing deal with Sony Music

You can now listen to their album on Spotify or buy their record on iTunes and other digital stores

…and go to their powerful and entertaining gigs…