Bantamu is a matchmaking platform that connects music freelancers and music artists from all over the world in order to produce beautiful songs.

Finding the right professional to collaborate with is like finding the right partner, someone who can take care of your songs and who will love your project as much as you do!
That’s how hit records are created!

On Bantamu you can find the best music freelancers including Producers, Recording Studios, and Mixing & Mastering Engineers ready to collaborate with you, and securely pay for any services needed to fulfil your music projects.

Follow these steps to start a project. One of our Production Concierges will contact you shortly after, to give you assistance!

We want to make your music stand out… do you? :)

That’s our secret sauce.
We can only share it with you if you come visit us in our secret headquarter cave hidden in the coldest mountains of northern Italy!
And yes, you will then have to stay with us forever.

Just kidding! No secrets here at Bantamu.

We have developed a unique algorithm which matches all the details of your music projects with the skills, credits, and music tastes of all the verified professionals registered on our site.
We are able to find the best-suited producers and audio engineers for any kind of music project submitted here on Bantamu!

We know only too well the passion and dedication to detail that every good artist puts into their music!
That is why we love to take care of all the artists that choose Bantamu to find the right professionals to collaborate with… We really want to take care of your songs!

Here you can read what they say about us:

“Thanks to Bantamu we saved so much time finding the right professional to collaborate with and the results are great! We finally have the sound we were looking for!”
Peter Piper - Alternative rock band

“The service is super fast, I was introduced to verified professionals who really understood my music project. The production of my song is really the result of a perfect match!”
Oyku - Electro Pop Singer

“Finally our album is out and we are so proud of the final sound. We wouldn’t be able to get these results without the help of Bantamu and the audio engineer we met here!” Velaut
Metal Band

“Finally it's online - a great site! Bantamu has all the credentials to become the main network for all the music industry professionals.”
Cristiano Mozzati - Drummer (Lacuna Coil)

“An amazing idea and a great tool for all the musicians out there.”
Giovanni Gulino - Musician (Marta Sui Tubi)

Building a secure and trustworthy freelance marketplace is very hard!
We do our best to create sensational experiences on our site for all the professionals who decide to join us.
We are so lucky to have the support from many talented professionals from all over the world.

Here is what they say about us:

“Connecting directly with the world's best music and media professionals is more important than ever. Bantamu's where it's at!” Jeff Bova - Grammy Award Winning producer (Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Celind Dion…)

“Sign up for Bantamu to meet colleagues and potential clients, expand your network and interact with other professionals - I just did!”
Marc Urselli - Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer (Sting, Lou Reed, Faith No More…)

“In a short amount of time Bantamu has proven to be a valuable networking tool for music professionals like myself - Join us!”
Tim Latham - Mixing Engineer (Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, A Tribe Called Quest…)

“As a professional recording studio we had to register on Bantamu. It's simply the best music professional network!”
Massive Arts - Recording Studios (Vasco Rossi, Emma Marrone, Skunk Anansie…)

“I got many gigs thru Bantamu: it's a music freelance party! Sign up today!”
IRKO - Multi Platinum Award Winning Audio Engineer (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez…)

Simple! Talk about us with everyone :)

We know the importance of referrals and if you like what we are doing, if you find our service really cool and if you have tried our marketplace before, just spread the word with all your friends playing in a band, musicians that you know are looking to produce their albums, music professional colleagues, and more.
You can share our link on your social media sites, post our website on your blogs or on the forums you read online, or you can simply shout our name out during concerts in your hometown (just watch out from the security then…)
Your support is really appreciated!!!

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