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Bantamu is now closed

When we first launched Bantamu, during the first months of 2014, our goal was to create an online network to connect musicians and music professionals from all over the world.
All the other online services at that time were not congenial for this purpose and so our team worked days and nights to build something unique: a marketplace, specific for the music industry, with a proprietary matching algorithm capable of finding the right professional for any artist’s needs!

Today, after seeing our site growing from just a few registered professionals to thousands of musicians, audio engineers, producers and recording studios from all over the world, and after having contributed to the realisation of many independent music productions through our demand-matching service, we have decided to stop our incredible journey.


The reasons are many, but the truth is that the music industry is experiencing a radical change during the recent years: musicians are now more independent than ever and self productions are becoming a standard.
Obviously there will always be collaborations between artists and music professionals, but the growth and development of these kind of collaborations don’t coincide with the marketplace and the vision we had imagined with Bantamu.
The new technologies and professional softwares/hardwares are increasingly accessible to everyone looking to produce music and, even if we at Bantamu find all this really exciting, we can’t underestimate the impact of these changes on the growth and sustainability of our business.

Thank you!

Thanks to all those who have supported and followed us during this fantastic journey: our great team of internal and external collaborators, our mentors at 42Accelerator who has always encouraged us to do our best, all the investors who have believed in us and who have always supported us during every single decision taken (including this last one…).
But mostly, a huge thanks to all the musicians and music professionals who have used Bantamu til today. Your support, your feedbacks and even your (few) complaints have always given us the strength and enthusiasm to move on!

As usual, if you have any question, advice or if you simply want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Keep on rockin!


Jack Garufi
Co-Founder @ Bantamu


Simone Dall'Angelo
Co-Founder @ Bantamu